I’ve worked with Sophie on several collaboration projects and she always amazes me. I love her use of melody and her music paints characters from murderous stepmothers to heart broken slugs. Sophie brings theatre to life with her work. She is incredibly hard working and her work is consistently impressive.
— Georgia Affonso - Writer, Performer, Director


Sophie graduated from The University of Manchester in 2016 with a Masters Degree in Instrumental and Vocal Composition. This was under the guidance of Prof. Camden Reeves. She is interested in retelling and reviving traditional fairy tales, folklore and folk music from the British Isles, as well as setting and combining new and old poetry. She has worked extensively with writer Georgia Affonso on projects such as 'Stick, Stock, Stone Dead' (Theatre), 'Salt Fiend' (Spoken word) and 'Dora' (Operaetta). Sophie has had works commissioned and performed by Manchester Contemporary Youth Opera, Psappha Ensemble, No Dice Collective, the Danel Quartet, Vaganza (as part of New Music North West 2013 and 2016), Vonnegut Collective, RNCM, Manchester Art Gallery, No Door Theatre Company, Collective31 and most recently for Not Quite Light festival in Salford hosted by actress Julie Hesmondhalgh.

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We absolutely love working with Sophie - she is always incredible professional, sticking to deadlines and arriving well prepared on concert days. Her work is always top quality - entertaining, imaginative and thought-provoking - and we have never regretted asking her to take part in an event with us! Whenever we book Sophie for an event, we know we are in for a treat!
— Naomi Wright - Founder and Artistic Director of Collective31
Both the quality and the professionalism of Sophie’s work is a testament to her as a composer. Her scores are always on time, formatted and proof-read, making them a joy to conduct and perform.
— Joe Chesterman-March, Musical Director of No Dice Collective


A musical poem about love, loss, adventure and slime. For speaker and cello. Music by Sophie Sully. Words by Georgia Affonso. Film by Sam Gee. Sound by Daniel Mawson. Performed by Georgia Affonso and Malcolm Goodare at LEAF on Portland Street on the 17th Nov 2017. Commissioned by Joe Chesterman-March and No Dice Collective.

Dora Composer: Sophie Sully Libretto: Georgia Affonso Young Mother - Rhiannon Ashley Young Father - Edwin Dizer Old Woman - Emily Porter MCYO Ensemble: Isobel Mortimer (clarinet) Gary Farr (trumpet)* Mark Reid (guitar) Gemma Bass (violin)* Henry Rankin (viola) Gemma Connor (cello) * Vonnegut Collective Director: Emma Doherty Musical Director: Ellie Slorach Movement Director, mentor: Rebecca Meltzer Repetiteur, mentor: Lliam Paterson Voice and drama coaches: Michael Bennett Sarah Castle Susan Rutherford MCYO Artistic Directors: Richard Strivens Nina Whiteman Supported by the Henfrey Charitable Trust Camerawork: Barney Cunningham Hannah Davies Sound recording: Barney Cunningham Editing: Barney Cunningham Twitter: @mcyopera

This suite for Solo Violin was inspired by the views from the top of the Ythsie (pronounced 'icy') prop near Tarves, Aberdeenshire. The four movements are inspired by four places that can be seen from the top of the prop and each explores a distinctive characteristic of a traditional form of Scottish folk music: the elaborate theme and variation of the Ceòl Mór, the dexterity showcase of the Reel, the simple melody of the Ayre and the fast and flowing Slip Jig and Stathspey Reel.

Completed as part of the 'Composing for Violin' scheme run by Psappha Ensemble.



Available for download. Please ask permission before performance.

Ythsie - a Suite for Solo Violin

Settings of Nature - for Soprano, Alto Flute and 'Cello. Words by Spencer Neal.

Stick, Stock, Stone Dead - a play with music. Words by Georiga Affonso.

Salt Fiend - a musical poem. Words by Georgia Affonso.

3 Poems by and Angry Bird - a musical poem. Words by Georgia Affonso.

Binnorie - for Solo Harp.

Involution - for Flute, Clarinet and String Quartet.

Sun Halo - for Chamber Ensemble.

Dora - operetta. Libretto by Georgia Affonso.

Postcards - for Solo Classical Guitar.



  • Sun Halo (2018) - 10'00"
    • For Chamber Ensemble.
    • Commissoned by Not Quite Light festival.
  • 3 Poems by an Angry Bird (2018) - 8'00"
    • For speaker, Clarinet/Bass Clarinet and 'Cello.
    • Words by Georgia Affonso.
  • Salt Fiend (2017) - 8'00"
    • For speaker and 'Cello.
    • Words by Georgia Affonso.
  • Dora - A Chamber Operetta (2017) - 15'00"
    • For Soprano, Alto, Bass Baritone, Clarinet, Guitar, Violin, Viola and 'Cello.
    • Libretto by Georgia Affonso based on the fairytale 'The Dead Mother'.
    • Commissioned by the Manchester Contemporary Youth Opera company.
  • Binnorie (2017) - 4'00"
    • For Solo Harp or Solo Harp and Dancer.
    • Commissioned by Collective31.
  • The World Stage (2016) - 8'00"
    • For speaker, Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Cello, Piano and Percussion.
    • Commissioned by No Dice Collective.
    • Words by Tom Roberts.
  • Stick, Stock, Stone Dead - a play with music (2016) - 30'00"
    • For four actors, dancer, Harp, Flute/Alto Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Cello and Percussion.
    • Play by Georgia Affonso based on the fairytale 'The Rose Tree'.
  • Settings of Nature (2016) - 13'00"
    • For Soprano, Alto Flute and Cello.
    • Words by Spencer Neal.
  • Postcards (2016) - 6'00"
    • For Solo Classical Guitar.
  • Died Knell (2016) - 5'00"
    • For Eb Clarinet, Trumpet, Violin and Percussion.
    • Commissioned by the Vonnegut Collective.
  • Involution (2016) - 15'00"
    • For Flute, Clarinet and String Quartet.
    • Commissioned by No Dice Collective.
  • Quit (2015) - 7'00"
    • For Alto Flute, Percussion, Prepared Piano and Double Bass.
    • Commissioned by Psappha Ensemble.
  • Songs of the Fey (2015) - 11'00"
    • For Solo Soprano, Female Choir, Harp, Percussion and String Orchestra.
  • Ythsie - a Suite for Solo Violin (2015) - 8'00"
    • Commissioned by Psappha Ensemble and written as part of their 'Composing for Violin' course.
  • Come and Go (2015) - Varying Duration
    • A shifting pattern for three female voices.
    • Written for the Andrea Zapp exhibition at Manchester Art Gallery.
  • Passion (2015) - 2'30"
    • For Alto Flute and Mezzo-Soprano.
    • Commissioned by Trio Atem.
  • Persuasion (2015) - 2'30"
    • For Sting Trio.
    • Commissioned by the Danel Quartet.
  • From the Snake's Mouth (2015) - 7'00"
    • For Vocal Quartet and Solo 'Cello.
    • Commissioned by Collective31.
  • Synchronicity (2015) - 10'00"
    • For Saxophone Octet, Xylophone and 2 Marimbas.
    • Commissioned by the Manchester University Saxophone Choir.
  • Epilogue (2014) - 8'00"
    • For Bass Guitar/Piccolo Bass Guitar, Loop Pedal and Percussion.
  • Minuscule Worms in Love (2014) - 5'00"
    • For Wind Quartet and String Quartet.
    • Composed for animated film.
  • The Other Face (2014) - 7'45"
    • For Mezzo-Soprano, Clarinet, Tenor Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone, 2 Violins, Double Bass and Percussion.
    • Words by Marilyn Monroe.
  • And Then The Morning (2014) - 5'00"
    • For Mezzo-Soprano, Clarinet, 'Cello and Percussion.
    • Words by Spencer Neal.
  • Vortex (2013) - 5'00"
    • For Marimba, Violin, Viola, 'Cello and Double Bass.
  • Cloudburst 2010 (2013) - 6'00"
    • For Alto Flute/Piccolo, Soprano Saxophone, Alto Saxophone, Clarinet/Tenor Saxophone, Bass Clarinet/Baritone Saxophone, Percussion.